• This event is ideal for women who are in business who wish to find a roadway to better business health and wealth.
  • It is also ideal for corporate women who are thinking about embarking, or have already embarked on their own business, and are looking for a support system.
  • Female university and college students, and school leavers can learn more about how to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, receive practical advice and seek a mentor.
  • Women in general, whether business or otherwise can attend, and learn how to achieve their individual goals.
  • Women who want to achieve more but are hampered by, or are facing, adversity and who would benefit from a support system.
  • Plus, nominated women will get the opportunity to receive an award for their individual achievement(s), regardless of their stage in life.
  • Men are likely to attend to show support. Plus they are likely to be attending as sponsors, exhibitors and/or speakers.