We're proud of our new Sponsors:

RadioExe, Transcend Zero, Healthy Living,

Shrinkingbills.org and Angelion


Why become a Partner, Sponsor or Exhibitor

  • As a Partner: Besides ongoing promotions during the run-up to the show, you will receive exclusive benefits and promotions on stage, and in the exhibition hall, showcasing to 250+ delegates, mostly from the female business demographic.
  • As a Sponsor: Be part of the small group of sponsors receiving special promotions before and during the event, and access to 250+ delegates in the conference and exhibition halls.
  • As an Exhibitor: Promote your products and services direct to delegates during designated times in the exhibition hall.
  • All Partners, Sponsors and Exhibitors will have direct promotions and plenty of selling opportunities of their brands, products and services to this special demographic.

Why Now?

7 Reasons to become a sponsor now:

  1. The event will be taking place at Sandy Park, so easy access for local businesses and delegates
  2. You can exercise your corporate social responsibility as you will be helping the local business community, and the next generation of entrepreneurs receive practical mentorship.
  3. You will be supporting our charity: SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone).
  4. Our early bird prices end in March 2019, however, if you book on by 18/1/19, we will retain the price at the same level for the following year.
  5. Additionally, by booking now you will be able to beat the competition by securing exclusive sponsorship levels.
  6. We have been promoting this event already throughout Exeter and wider Devon, so you could be benefiting from all this exposure, if you book on now.
  7. Plus, you will have the chance to receive a promo video for our massive social media campaign.Act now, as you must book this by 18/1/19.

10 more reasons to exhibit or advertise

  1. Meet and connect with prospective female demographic
  2. Receive local and national promotions
  3. Strengthen your bond with existing customers
  4. Meet and network with key national leaders
  5. Meet new and existing companies, clients and decision makers
  6. Close deals with during the show
  7. Strengthen (or establish) your brand, build awareness
  8. Meet potential new recruits from colleges and universities
  9. Rapidly expand your database of sales leads
  10. Networking opportunities