Welcome to the ‘I Can Conference’ Awards. These awards are intended to reward aspiring women of all categories, not just for women who are established and already running a business.

Do you know anyone whom you feel deserves an award? Below, are some of the nominations we are looking for, but we want to hear from you to help, by your nominations, to define who in your community and your world deserves some recognition.

Our panel of judges, will narrow down the nominations, based on the number of nominations, those who have made a significant impact, and our final criteria.


  • A mother who has worked hard to keep the family together, despite adversity
  • An inspirational woman making a difference in the community with an innovative idea
  • A woman running an established business who is helping other women
  • An innovative woman who has invented something which helps others

Let us know who you wish to nominate and for what achievement, click here to nominate someone.