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The purpose of this Network is to bring together professional women and business women to address and provide practical advice and support to each other and to budding and aspiring women, and the next generation of female entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals, especially in the face of adversity.


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Our larger conference described below, is currently on hold during the current Covid circumstances.


The I Can Conference is a movement because it goes beyond just a conference, as it is intended to be a support system reinforced by successful women with the sole purpose of helping other women, and the next generation of entrepreneurs, gain the confidence they need to reach their goals and full potential. Women are the backbone of the business economy, and often are running fledgling businesses from their homes, sometimes just to feel worthy, and they often just need the support, mentorship, education and funding to feel encouraged to keep going. Women are also hampered by many challenges, such as juggling several household responsibilities, non-supportive partners, discouraging messages from families and/or acquaintances, and can even be subjected to more adverse circumstances. The I Can Conference hopes to peel away those layers and provide a support system to help women feel reinforced, confident and able to manage their responsibilities successfully and reach their full potential. Besides providing the information and expertise from experienced business women at the conference, there will be the introduction of programmes such as mentorship, guidance and direction to help the next generation of entrepreneurs successfully navigate the minefield of setting up and running a business. The end result being that there will be more businesses run by successful female entrepreneurs, which will further boost the economy. Do you want to get involved? Contact us now on 01392 580 660.


To deliver opportunities for successful women to provide impact, influence and inspiration to other aspiring women, and the next generation of female entrepreneurs, to follow and reach the goals that they seek, and to help spread the power of optimism, especially in the face of any negativity or adversity.